Tandy Engineering & Associates, Inc.
Dynamic & Static Testing


  • Vehicle static characterizations, including center of gravity (CG) location and steering ratio.
  • Mainstream steering, handling, and stability performance testing, such as lane changes, slaloms, understeer and handling course evaluations.
  • Straight line braking and braking in-a-turn tests.
  • Failure mode analysis experiments to study the effects of tire blowout and tread separation or suspension failures on vehicle performance.
  • Industry leading on board vehicle instrumentation to measure driver inputs and vehicle responses.
  • Studio grade on board and exterior video equipment for test documentation.
Comparison of Model and Actual Test Comparison of Model and Actual Test


  • Motorcycle handling and testing with instrumentation for data and video.
  • Static characterization of motorcycle structure, equipment and set up.
  • Electrical system diagnosis and analysis.
Comparison of Model and Actual Test